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Symposium on Sustainable Development for the Hong Kong Logistics Industry

5 January 2015

Jointly organized by the think tank SD Advocates and the Hong Kong Economic Journal, the symposium on “Sustainable Development for the Hong Kong Logistics Industry” was held on 5 January 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Government officials, industry leaders and scholars were invited to deliver speeches and exchange views at the symposium.  

The symposium began with an opening keynote speech by Mr. Yau Shing-mu, the Under Secretary for Transport and Housing, followed by Mr. Andy Tung, the Chief Executive Officer of Orient Overseas Container Line Limited; Mr. Alan Wong, Group Vice President of S.F. Express Co. Ltd.; and Prof. Waiman Cheung, Director of the Asian Institute of Supply Chains & Logistics, who shared their views on the sustainable development of the logistics industry.      

Mr. Andy Tung said, to maximize efficiency, shipping companies now use bigger vessels which have to stay longer in the port.  This inevitably lowers the port’s capacity and causes delays to shipping schedule if the terminals are packed with containers.  Mr. Tung suggested that the government to relocate the nearby car park for more container storage space. 

Mr. Alan Wong stated that with the increasingly popularity of online shopping, the resulted cross-boundary e-commerce related services would be an appealing business opportunity for the Hong Kong Logistics industry.  

Professor Waiman Cheung said that Hong Kong should maintain the critical mass to remain competitive.  The relocation of the existing Kwai Tsing terminal is widely supported by the industry.  The site for the new port should not compete with residential or commercial development.


Sustainable Development Study For The Hong Kong Logistics Industry

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A group photo of the major speakers and guests
Guest speakers at the symposium
Prof. Cheung shares the key findings of the study