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RFID-based Enabling Technology for On-Target Visibility in Garment Supply Chains



The garment industry has significant contribution to the HK economy. The industry competes very much on supply chain efficiency and effectiveness. RFID technology enables on-target visibility in supply chains beyond sight-to-sight expectation. This project guides and sets guiding standards for RFID adoption in the garment supply chain industry.

The objective is to develop and deploy innovative use of RFID technology enabling on-target visibility. High visibility in general is an impetus to effective information management leading to efficiency in collaborative chain performance. While on-target visibility provides not only about goods in process and in transit, but synchronized real-time on-target movement of goods, safeguarding against logistics risk and uncertainty.

To reach the objective, an innovative information infrastructure is to be designed to facilitate on-target visibility by plug-and-sync of parties of a RFID-enabled supply chain.

The infrastructure is designed based on the practice of the key players of a complete garment brand name supply chain (i.e. from supply accessories, manufacturing, distribution, to retailing) under IDS Group. The RFID adoption strategy and supply chain process re-engineering are developed based on a careful in-depth analysis of current practice using Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR). Intellectual property is expected in the infrastructure design, the plug-and-sync design and implementation, and the SCOR-based RFID adoption framework and practice.


Project In-charge:  Prof. Waiman Cheung and Prof. Sung-chi Chu

Duration:  Sep 2009 – Apr 2011


  • IDS Group Management Limited
  • Motorola
  • Oracle Systems
  • SML Group
  • UPM Rafaltac
  • Zebra Technologies