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物流技術和供應鏈優化中心 (LOGISTCO) 聚集了香港中文大學工程學院的人才,在物流/ 供應鏈管理應用技術上進行基礎以及應用研究,以提高物流業的競爭力及保持其領導地位。本中心是由香港中文大學亞洲供應鏈及物流研究所所支持。中心的研究工作的經費來自研究資助局的優配研究金(GRF) ,創新科技署的創新及科技基金(ITF)以及服務合約等資助。我們的研究員曾在國際知名的學術報刊上發表文章,如Management Science,Operations Research, Production and Operations Management,IIE Transactions,European Journal of Operational Research,Naval Research Logistics,Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Business Logistics等。我們的研究成果已在機場,博物館,護老院等的解決方案或系統中展現出來。




  • Coordinating inventory and pricing strategies under total minimum commitment contracts
  • Developing provably near-optimal approximation algorithms for perishable inventory systems
  • Dynamic decision making with the objective in meeting profit targets
  • Effective surgery planning and scheduling with inter-hospital cooperation
  • Microblog summarization using discourse
  • Network epidemiology modeling of dynamic human behaviors for controlling hospital acquired diseases
  • Preservation of supermodularity in general parametric optimization problems and its applications in operations management
  • Research and development of integrated community-based microblog recommendation system
  • Video analytics for resource management



  • 林偉教授
  • 龔錫挺教授
  • 龍卓瑜教授
  • 黃錦輝教授