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Strategic Re-positioning on Direct Transportation Link between China and Taiwan: Case Studies and Analysis 



With the effects of Direct Transportation Link, the intermediate role of Hong Kong will be carefully examined. Our project study focuses on the cargo movement and trade within Greater China (China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) and between Greater China and overseas through data analysis, interviews and case studies.  In this study, six focus groups including 3PLs-sea, 3PLs-air, Shippers in China and Hong Kong are identified respectively. Various challenges faced by these groups will be studied from different perspectives.

Firstly, analysis on the cargo flows and trade flows within Greater China, as well as between Greater China and overseas will be conducted. In-depth study on the nature of impacts of direct links on trade flows and cargo flows will also be investigated.

Secondly, expert knowledge on the impact of cargo flows, due to the introduction of Direct Link, from industry experts in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be collected and analyzed.  Opinions on operational difficulties and services needed for the transition period will also be collected. Other than the development of the policy, other issues such as customs matters, documentations, logistics facilities and supports, supply chain network/hub effects that may influence the cargo flows and trade flows within Greater China will also be studied.

Lastly, selected case studies will be conducted to further understand the operations, in which the companies could have taken advantage of the policy. The characteristics of their business models, before and after the implementation of the policy, will be studied. Challenges and potential business opportunities will be investigated.

Our study helps to assist logistics industry to sustain in the drastic changes of direct links or take advantage of impending changes by repositioning their strengths and creating new service productions for the shippers.


Project In-charge:  Prof. Waiman Cheung

Duration:  Jun 2009 – Feb 2010


  • Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL)
  • Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics (HAFFA)
  • Hong Kong Airport Authority (HKAA)
  • Kerry Logistics
  • Hong Kong Shipper’s Council